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Photo By Richard's Studio
Photo By Richard's Studio
Loon Meadow Farm's Horse and Carriage Livery is home to the white carriage horse! Having 4 white carriage horses and 3 white carriages we can guarantee you a white horse on a white carriage for your special day.

For those looking for a more traditional turnout for their wedding, please see our Burgungy Victorian carriage also available.
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Cinderella Carriage

Horse & Carriage Livery of Loon Meadow Farm llc, offers you a choice of several equally elegant and stunning wedding carriages. Choose from a gorgeous white or classic burgundy Victoria Phaeton, an elegant white French vis-à-vis or our fairytale, white Cinderella Carriage with burgundy-red upholstery. The Victoria Phaetons and the Cinderella Carriage each seat two passengers while the French Vis-à-vis comfortably seats four, all carriages are attended by both a formally attired coachman and footman. The Victoria carriages are equipped with plush, burgundy upholstery, convertible top and removable side-curtains and can be used either fully open with the top down or with the top up. The French vis-à-vis is also equipped with doors and can be fully enclosed . Our carriages provide elegant and comfortable accommodations in all weather conditions . All our carriage horses are attractive, well trained and seasoned. They are used to traffic, car horns, crowds and photographers.

Typically our carriages are used to bring you into your ceremony, then afterwards away to the reception. Total recommended distance either into the ceremony or to your final destination is usually less than four miles and ideally within one to two miles, in order to keep travel time reasonable. Our carriages travel at a relaxed pace of approximately four miles per hour. The ride allows you time to relax offering a welcome break from an otherwise hectic pace of events.

When travel time does not meet your needs we will meet you at a nearby location to bring you into your ceremony and if necessary afterwards bring you to a place nearby for pictures, from where you can continue with other transportation. If this is the case, in many circumstances we can meet you again at a location close to your final destination and bring you there in the carriage!

For those who wish to have a "party bus" atmosphere or special transportation for the wedding party, choose one or more of our traditional Wagonettes , they each seat 12 adult passengers comfortably, more with children. Please note our wagonettes are open vehicles and weather dependent.

All of the above carriages are available by themselves or in any combination, they are popular for giving rides to the guests during the cocktail hour. Wagonettes also are great for shuttling guests from place to place. Please contact us to discuss how you can incorporate our personal service into your special day.

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Nip & Tuck on Our Cinderella Carriage

Rainy Day
Two white horses on Vis-à- via with top down
12 Passenger Wagonette
Bonnet Top Victoria
White Victoria Phaeton
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